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Getting settled in South Korea? We've got recommendations for everything from travel agencies and insurance to therapists and teaching courses for ex-pats.

The Arrival Store only allows certain companies to be represented on our The Arrival Store Verified Services page. These services are not offered directly by The Arrival Store, but we feel confident recommending them to our community because each company has been researched, tried and tested and have proven to be a great resource.  They are companies who have a reputation and history of treating their customers well.  If you have found a service that has been exceptionally helpful during your time in Korea, please send us a note so that we can check them out:  If you experience any problems with the following services, please also let us know.  To read more about each service, simply click the little blue arrows on the right and great information will appear.  For other helpful information about life in Korea, don’t miss our “community resources pages.”

Verified Services

AdventureTeaching Inc. "You Should Probably Do This"

Adventure Teaching Inc (AT) was started on the backs of two passionate and experienced English teachers.  The company has since grown into one of the most respected names in the Korean ESL market.  The ESL industry in Korea and worldwide is not very straightforward.  Gaining employment can be full of hurdles to overcome and teaching experiences are often littered with conflicts.  Therefore, it is extremely important to choose a recruiting or placement company that you can trust to be upfront and honest with you, but that also has expertise on the current market conditions and job openings.  Without hesitation, can recommend that you get in contact with Kimberley, Reuben and the rest of the Adventure Teaching team if you are considering teaching English in South Korea.  

The Adventure Teaching Team

Adventure Teaching's Services

AT provides excellent communication, necessary resources, and personal attention to each teacher so that they are prepared to live and teach abroad before they leave home.  AT continues to support the teacher throughout their entire term of employment.  AT's goal is not to be the biggest company in the industry.  They aim at providing the following for each and every Adventure Teaching Teacher:

*No bull approach.  Straightforward perspective and transparency

*Efficient communication

*A vast number of reputable Korean employers

*Expertise you can trust

*Extended support throughout the entire term of your contract

AT offers employment opportunities each month of the year to earnest, outgoing, and hardworking employees who are excited about working in Korea!

Please email to request an informational slideshow and for current job openings.

What Current Teachers are Saying

“I have absolutely nothing but good things to say about Adventure Teaching’s services. I am so grateful for all the help AT provided. The guys were always so quick to get back to me and willing to answer any questions I had- no matter how small. They went above and beyond what I ever could have expected from a recruiter. Anyone looking into teaching in Korea shouldn’t think twice about working through Adventure Teaching; in fact, they’d be crazy not to.”     
-Jamie (USA)

“I really liked how it seemed like there was a ton of people helping me out from both back home and here in Korea.  I also liked how quickly my questions were answered. I never felt that I was alone in this process. I have heard horror stories about other companies so I would gladly recommend your company to others.”
 - Amanda (USA)

“You were so professional, upfront and prompt about everything. I really appreciate how much effort you put into researching the jobs and employers and making sure they were a really good fit.”
-Kate (Canada)

“You were wonderful to work with and literally thought of everything I would need while in Korea.  AT helps to prepare teachers for everything that may come their way in Korea.”
-Kylie (Canada)

“From all of agencies I’ve heard people go through to teach, AT is amongst the best. It is about how personal you make the process and intentional you are about getting us situated and settled in comfortably from the beginning leaving us with following your outlines. I appreciate how AT constantly applies new learned information to make each process more helpful in accomplishing.”
- Ryan (USA)    

Contact Information

USA Office


Phone: 1-206-257-0613


Korean Office


Phone: +82-31-793-2257


Facebook Online and Bridge TEFL Teaching English as a Foreign Language Courses

Wouldn’t it be nice to know, right off the bat, how to manage a classroom?  To answer questions?  To motivate Korean students effectively – without even speaking Korean?   With a certification, you’ll turn those 30 screaming children into a motivated, engaged classroom ready to delve into the English language.  You’ll build practice lessons plans with personal feedback from a personal tutor, who are fellow teachers, teachers with experience, teachers who know what works.  You’ll explain those foreign grammatical concepts in English succinctly.  Not to say you won’t have classes that blow up in your face every now and then, but you will have a better idea about what works and what doesn’t.

“But wait,” you say.  “I’m leaving for Korea soon, and I have a job.  I can’t possibly finish 100 hours before I get to Korea.”  
No worries. You don’t have to.

You don’t even have to finish the course before you leave for Korea.  You can inform your employer that you are in the process of finishing the course, and you can finish it while you are working, during your downtime. It is highly recommended that you negotiate a pay raise with your employer for completing the TEFL certificate.  If you already have a TEFL certificate, be sure that you

If you have done any research into teaching foreign language courses, you know that there are hundreds of companies and courses available. It’s hard to even know where to begin when looking for a course or analyzing its quality, so we’ve done the research for you.  We’ve analyzed and spoken with a myriad of companies and course directors, and we have proudly partnered with one of the leading TEFL companies, Bridge TEFL, to offer our teachers special rates for a quality program. The company has had over 20 years of experience and is also authorized to teach Cambridge ESOL’s CELTA course (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults).

Important Note: If you are taking the TEFL course in hopes of getting a salary raise, or hoping to increase your salary during contract negotiations at a private school.  It is important that you first get the school's starting salary proposition.  Knowing the starting salary, you can then share that you will be getting a TEFL certificate and see if they will increase the salary as a result.  It is most common to get at 50,000 or 100,000/month salary increase for having a TEFL certificate.   Even without the salary increase, a TEFL certificate is worth any money, time and energy you spend on it as the results will make your job a lot easier and save you a heap of energy!


Why is Bridge TEFL (TEFL Online) the best choice?

The courses and certificates are:
  1. Widely known and very reputable.  Masters in the industry have come together to create the Bridge TEFL Curriculum.

  2. Bridge TEFL has been recognized and praised by the Korean Government as a top choice.  For this reason alone, if you’re interested in the benefits of a public school job, you’ll probably want to enroll in a Bridge TEFL course.

  3. World-wise and incredibly portable.  Bridge TEFL offers all of their lessons online and in classrooms around the world, including Korea.

  4. Going to grad school in the future?  Taking a Bridge TEFL class may translate into graduate level credits.  The IDELT course was recommended for 6 credits, and the “Blended Learning” course for 3.  A course like this not only makes you money, it may save you money later in life, if and when you decide to go to grad school!

  5. Bridge TEFL is Accredited by ACCET, the U.S. Department of Education, and other governmental agencies.

  6. Outstanding value.  The value of every resource included is at least $1,000 USD, and probably more.  (Think of how much 6 credits at graduate school would cost you!)  It is possible that your paycheck will increase by over $1,000 per year as well. 

How much is the course? 

The online courses cost various amounts according to the number of hours offered. often offers various promotions. makes you eligiblie for an additional 5% discount as well.  USE PROMO CODE: AT2468

What course do you recommend?

In order for any TEFL course you take to be considered for a pay raise, or at the professional level, the course must have a minimum of 100 hours.  The 120 hour course offers several benefits that are well worth a little extra cash.  If you are already enrolling in a course, you might as well get as much out of it as possible.   

Benefits of the 120 hour course:

*If you are planning on teaching children, the 120-hour is a must-purchase.  The section about teaching young learners gives you specific tips about classroom management that every new teacher must know.  It will teach you how to establish your classroom in a way to minimize dis-ruptions, and how to reach out to children who are behind, lost, or apathetic.

*The content is extremely comprehensive. You get the same package online or in the classroom, and it includes specialized endorsements for English for Young Learners and Business English.  This special knowledge makes you even more valuable to your future employer.

*You work through the whole course under the guidance of a tutor, a real live professional ESOL teacher, who provides feedback on your work.

*You’ll have access not only to video tutorials within the course, but also to, a library of over 100 “How-To” videos with step-by-step instructions for lessons, activities, classroom management skills, and more.  

*You’ll get a certificate for successfully completing an online grammar course called Grammar Advisor, which reinforces all those grammar rules you learned in high school and may have forgotten about.

*What if you’re presented with a grammar question you can’t answer?  Koreans are notorious for asking questions about the complicated grammar points. You can use Grammar Advisor as a resource once you begin teaching! You can ask BT’s grammar pros about grammar questions as well as how to teach grammar points. You’ll be able to come up with answers quickly and know how to answer them for future reference.

Sounds great, how do I sign up?

  1. Go to  (You must use this link if you want discount or use AT2468 on

  2. Choose your course.  It must be at least 100 hours, but we recommend the 120 hour course for the best preparation

  3. Enroll and pay for the course through the website.  

  4. Update your resume and email it to Adventure Teaching.  When your employers know that you’re completing a BridgeTEFL course, they won’t be putting your resume in the rejected pile.

  5. Complete the course.

  6. Obtain your certificate (remember to negotiate the raise before expecting it automatically)

We'll take care of your arrival. Orange Travel will get you here!

We have worked with Orange Travel for several years now to provide flight tickets for teachers and other expats coming to Korea on a shoe-string budget. They are extremely professional, quick to respond, and flexible to your travel needs. They provide:
  • SPECIAL FARES ONLY FOR TEACHERS departing from North America.
  • Flight schedules that cater to your needs
  • Holding seats with the same fare for up to 1 week
  • Helping you with any problems concerning your bookings and answering your questions quickly. NO MORE waiting on the phone! We talk to the airlines for you directly!
  • Helping you with problems at the airport. (Delayed flight, missing the flight.etc)
  • Handling communications with your recruiter or the school of your booking.
  • All the information necessary regarding baggage, transferring of terminals and anything else you that may come up in the trials of traveling.
  • For EPIK, GEPIK and SMOE program teachers is information on shuttle bus pick up schedules and your departure date for program orientation.
  • We request your seat preference to the airlines for free (subject to availability)

Book your flight TODAY!

We all want to learn Korean when we live here, but…

Once you get to Korea, you will find out two things:
  • There are a LOT of free, online Korean resources.
  • There are quite a few Korean classes that you can take at universities or local community centers (if you are in a big city).
Korean Digital Academy

However, if you are not well organized and disciplined, or you have no clue where to begin with your Korean language learning, the plethora of free resources will probably be overwhelming and potentially only discourage you.

Likewise, though there are many Korean classes to choose from, they are typically on the weekends, on a Saturday morning or afternoon. This means that you have to commit your weekends to studying Korean, when you could be resting or traveling.

Enter Korean Digital Academy

Korean Digital Academy (KDA) knows that you need “simple video explanations and live practice of the Korean language.” Instead of piling on resources, KDA works directly with you and your level. You are assigned a class of no more than five students at your same skill level. This class meets twice a week, and the kicker is it’s all online. KDA takes advantage of video conferencing software and allows you to study Korean under a native speaker, with others, without ever leaving your home!

If you are outside of a major city, don’t know where to start, or don’t want to meet for Korean class on the weekends, Korean Digital Academy might be the best solution for you.

Your first month is only $10!

Korean Classes Liva and Online

Click here to go to their webpage and sign up.

Adaptable Human Solutions: Expat Therapists Caring for Expat Clients

Whether you are battling cultural adjustment, trying to resolve a relationship issue, or looking for a place to get support in kicking an old habit, Adaptable Human Solutions ensures that you can find a therapist who is culturally similar to you, is a native English speaker and understands the unique dynamics that come with working as a foreigner in Korea. Plus they have an awesome French espresso machine and serve every client coffee, tea or water upon entry. Mmmmm....espresso.....

Coffee Machine

Comfortable Office

We visited their office to get an idea about the quality of their services and found the environment to be very relaxing, clean and at a much higher standard of professionalism than we expected (see pictures below for a good idea of what we’re talking about)...

Western Standard of Care

When you are moving to a foreign country, it is always nice to know that there is psychological care available, especially if you have had a past struggle with depression, anxiety or difficult experiences.

No one wants to visit a therapist who can’t speak their language, or gives well intentioned but ill informed advice. We’re pumped that there are therapists in Korea who understand the need for cross-cultural adventure and some of the challenges that come along with it, and are also legitimately licensed and experienced in the west.

The feedback we’ve gotten from friends and colleagues who have used their services is that the therapists are very down to earth, approachable and committed to supporting clients in improving their lives. Simply stated, we liked them, and we imagine that liking your therapist is a very important thing in therapy.

Adaptable Human Solutions Consultants

Who uses AHS services?

  • Individuals, Couples, & Families
  • English Teachers
  • Children & Adolescents
  • Corporate Expatriates
  • Military Families
  • Returning Koreans
  • Korean Adoptees
  • People from over 50 countries

What are their hours?

  • 9am-9pm Monday-Thursday
  • 9am-5pm Friday
  • 9am-5pm Saturday

Where are they located?

Located conveniently in central Seoul at Gongdeok Station they offer an inviting and comfortable office space for you to meet with AHS Professionals. For more information and directions to their office click here

How much does it cost?

The fee varies according to therapist and according to the therapist’s experience, position and demand. The company wants to support the English teaching community so they make sure to have affordable rates for those of you who are paying off student loans and planning on eating ramen everyday. When you call make sure to mention if you have limited financial resources and they will try to help you out. AHS defines their therapist standards as:

  • Western born and trained
  • Licensed in US or Canada
  • Culturally Sensitive
  • Committed to inclusive Treatment Styles
  • Held to ethical standards of western psychological associations
  • For full therapist profiles click here

We pulled these “core philosophies” from their website because
they matched up with our experience of AHS:

"Asking for help is a sign of sanity."

"Everyone deserves the chance to hope, grow, and enjoy relief from pain."

"Being heard, seen, and understood is a basic human need."

"Transformation can be daunting, but is very rarely impossible."

Staff pictures

To learn more about AHS or to get yourself set up with a visit to a therapist (and their espresso machine), visit their website at or call their office at
02-749-7915 or email their inquiry team at

Adaptable Human Solutions Office  Adaptable Human Solutions Office  Adaptable Human Solutions Office

Apartment Hunting in Seoul?

Let the relocation specialists at Your Ultimate Apartment help you!

If you’ve been limiting your housing rental search to Craigslist, you are only looking at a tiny fraction of your options. Great housing deals often never make it to the internet. If you’ve ever searched for an airplane ticket online, then you know how much of a difference comparisons can make. The same goes for housing. Most people want to have more options, but don’t know where to look.

We can help.

We're Western relocation consultants located in Seoul and can help you find your new apartment.

Whether you're a long time resident or still planning your move to this fascinating part of the world, we can help.

How can we help you?

  • Recommendation living locations
  • Set up apartment viewing appointments
  • Use real estate agents’ competitive nature to uncover hot deals
  • Review contracts
  • Organize movers
  • Translate and interpret
  • Furnish with low time and cost investment
  • Have an enjoyable and stress-free experience

Why do people use us?

  • The best deals are usually only offered to those who can communicate in Korean
  • Seoul is massive -- it’s best to live in area that suits your lifestyle and we can ask the right questions and make recommendations
  • We are a non-biased so we’ll give you our best advice
  • Short-term housing options
  • The housing search process can be confusing, even for Koreans
  • Variety of housing packages to meet your needs
  • Avoid overpaying

We are a paid service. Why pay?

  • Secure your deposit and do your due diligence 
  • We have saved people 100,000+ won per month.  Even 50,000 won per month is 600,000 won per year.
  • Overpriced housing is everywhere
  • Cheap pricing does not mean a good deal
  • Housing advertised to non-Korean speakers are often sub-par in value and quality
  • Negotiating repairs and upgrades properly lowers total costs
  • Know the rules of the game so you can live happily

Rather do it yourself?

  • Pick up a copy of our comprehensive ebook and use the same strategies we use to get your ultimate apartment in Seoul!

Contact us now for more information, and let us know your housing requirements.


Skype: YourUltimate Apartment

Planning a Vacation, Study Abroad, Living Overseas? Get coverage with FAST/FREE Online Quotes.

Atlas Travel Insurance plans starting at a $1/day

Expats traveling overseas often don't consider the possibility of accidents while traveling. However, it seems like everyone knows someone who has come to Korea and ended up in the hospital with a broken bone or fever or something that needed insurance and they didn't have it. No one plans to get sick or in an accident that requires a hospital stay. However, these things happen. At The Arrival Store, we've all witnessed friends an family in these situations. We want you to avoid that!

You may enjoy traveling, but may not know that travel medical insurance is something that you need to factor into your travel preparations. Travel medical insurance is a necessity for folks coming to Korea, especially those who might not be fully covered by their employers.

Atlas Travel Insurance is a travel medical plan and an excellent way to protect yourself against the high cost of medical treatment outside your home country. Many of us here at The Arrival Store have used these medical services and been very happy with the service and especially the affordable price that Atals offers. Please give them a look here and see if they can help you. $1 a day is not a lot to pay for time here, especially if you're planning on doing any travel around East and Southeast Asia while you're here.

90 Day Korean offers a Korean learning web course that uses psychology, stories and the 80/20 Principle to help beginners learn Korean fast and in a way that's hard to forget!

You can download a free sample lesson to see what it's all about! 

Go here for the free sample lesson.

Or visit here to find out more about the web course.

Please recommend any services you believe should be on this page by emailing us:

Please recommend any services you believe should be on this page by emailing us: