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Monthly Simple Phone Contracts

Monthly Simple Phone Contract (Minimum 3 Months)

The Arrival Store provides a simple, cost-effective simple cell phone service plans without the hassle, the paperwork, or the wait!  At 3 months, we offer the shortest contracts available in South Korea, giving you the flexibility you want.  Our phones are delivered to a convenient location within a few days of purchase or waiting for you upon your arrival. When you're done with the phone, just send it back! 

Monthly Phone Plan: 29,900 won

  • Free + unlimited incoming calls & texts (domestic and international)
  • 1,100 outgoing domestic minutes to LG U+ customers – overage is approx. $0.10/min (₩18/10 seconds)
  • 100 outgoing texts – overage about $.02/text (₩20)
  • Outgoing international: long distance calling code provided with approx. $0.10/min (₩18/10 seconds)*
    *Some countries not covered by long distance calling code

  • Other Information:

  • One-time phone set-up charge: $30 (paid at checkout)
  • Refundable Deposit*: $125 (paid via link after checkout)
  • *Deposit is refunded when you have cancelled your contract and paid your balance.

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    Price as configured: $30.00

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  • Waiting and ready to use at a convenient location when you arrive
  • 3 month contract minimum (month-to-month after) 
  • English language bills sent to your email
  • English language customer service
  • Phone can be upgraded into any other TAS phone plan
  • The following items are included in this package:

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    Simple Phone Contract (min. 3 Months)   +$0.00

    Price as configured: $30.00

    Monthly Simple Phone Contracts

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    Getting a phone as a foreigner in Korea is usually a time-consuming and frustrating experience.  In order to set up a phone contract with a Korean company, you must have a bank account. Before you can open a bank account, you must be registered with the government (your ARC is proof of registration). After you’ve received your ARC you can open a bank account, and then, finally, go get a phone. (TAS) cell phones enable customers to skip these hassles completely. If you are coming to Korea, the phone (like all other TAS products) will be waiting at a conveniently arranged location such as the airport, your school or office, your apartment, etc.  If you are already in Korea, your TAS phone will be set up and sent to you within a day or two of your online purchase.

    Remember, immediate access to communication is central to a smooth transition abroad!

    Benefits of the Monthly Simple Phone Contracts

    • Upon Arrival.  Your phone will be waiting for you, as opposed to you waiting for your phone. You do not need an ARC, a Korean bank account, or any other paperwork. is the only way to have a phone ready for you as soon as you arrive.
    • Used Phones: Ready to Use.  TAS will register your phone with the service provider, switch the language from Korean to English, install a FREE protective screen film and plastic cover, and charge the battery for you. When you arrive, your phone will be immediately available for calls and texts. 
    • Used Phones: Highest Quality, Lowest Price. TAS phones are provided at a fraction of the actual retail price of the phone. If the phone does not function properly or has technical issues (not caused by the user) while it is in the possession of a customer, TAS will help you fix the problem immediately. Compared to pre-paid phones (mentioned above), TAS used phones are the best deal around! 
      • Used phones have typically only been used for one year.  TAS used phones are nicer than pre-paid phones, with many additional features like: caller ID, camera, games, mp3 player, Korean/English dictionary, etc. The used cell phone plan is the same as the new phone plan (described below). 
      • The used phones come in a variety of different models, styles, and colors.  You can see the specific models available at any given time by viewing the pictures above and picking the preferred model in the drop down list. 
      • Many used come with additional accessories (extra battery, earphones/headset, adapter, etc).  All TAS customers also get 1100 free monthly outgoing minutes to other LG Telecom subscribers. 
      • Manufacturers: Samsung, Cyon, Sky, Anycall, LG, etc.
      • Style: slide or flip
    • Discounted Long-Distance Calling.  TAS service has built-in protection from large, unexpected long-distance bills.  Upon purchase, we will provide you with a long-distance calling number that enables you to call internationally at a surprisingly low rate. What does it cost you? Local minutes. That’s all!  Certain countries excluded. 
    • Discounted Long-Distance Texting.  TAS will also provide you with a long-distance texting code that will allow you to text friends and family back home.
    • English Support.  If you’ve never experienced language barriers, buckle in! Let be one place where you can always find support and answers to questions in English, without navigating dozens of operators.

    Contract Length

    3 months minimum.  No fees to extend the contract. TAS offers the shortest cell phone contract available in Korea, giving expats an additional amount of flexibility.

    TAS Phone Bill

    TAS customers are sent a bill by email once a month.  Pay conveniently through an ATM machine at a nearby bank (any Koran bank is acceptable). 

    Average Monthly Bill:  On average, TAS customers spend between ₩35,000 and ₩50,000 per month. The monthly bill fluctuates according to usage, mostly outgoing minutes and texts.

    Texts:  Outgoing text messages beyond the 100 included in the base fee are about 2 cents each (₩20 per text)
    Calls:  Outgoing calls are about 10 cents per minute (₩18 per 10-second increment)

    • Minutes are broken into 10-second increments, not 60-second increments (i.e., if a call goes 3 seconds into the next minute, the customer is only charged for 10 seconds, not the entire minute).  The per-minute usage is added to the base fee each month.

    Internet Usage:   Using internet on TAS phones can be quite expensive.  If a customer plans to use internet on a consistent basis they should contact so that TAS can move the customer to a suitable plan. Unless adjusted, TAS plan internet costs are as follows:

    • OZ internet:  ₩0.25 per .5KB
    • OZ Music On:  ₩1.04 per .5KB  to download and stream music
    • OZ Multimedia:  ₩2.01 per .5KB  to download and play games

    For reference:   ₩.25 =  .00025 cents USD
                    1 low resolution photo = 100 KB = ₩50, about 4 cents USD

    Termination of Service within the first 7 days

    If the cell phone is returned within 7 days of delivery and the phone is in condition equivalent to which it was issued, the purchase price of the cell phone and phone deposit will be returned, less the following non-refundable charges:

    • non-refundable activation fee
    • non-refundable re-stocking fee: ₩10,000  
    • any usage charges incurred on the phone

    Phone Cancellation after 7 days and before 3 months

    If a customer chooses to cancel service after 7 days but before completing the full 3rd month of the contract, 50% of the deposit and any additional usage/damage charges will be withheld.

    Phone Cancellation after 3 months

    If you wish to cancel after fulfilling the 3rd month of the contract, give TAS a 30-day notice by email (

    100% Refundable Cell Phone Deposit:  Further Explained requires a 100% fully refundable deposit with the purchase of every new or used phone. This necessary evil was introduced after a few customers left the country without paying their outstanding bills. TAS holds your deposit while the phone is in use and returns your deposit after the phone is (1) successfully returned to our TAS Korea office and (2) the contract is terminated. 

    While TAS understands that all phones are subject to normal wear and tear, excessive damage to a phone will result in the loss of some or all of the deposit.  TAS provides plastic cell phone covers and screen protectors free of charge for most phone models to help you care for your phone.  To ensure a full refund on the deposit, TAS highly recommends using the plastic cover and screen protector.

    The following are examples of excessive damage that will result in partial or complete loss of the cell phone deposit:

    1. Missing buttons
    2. Missing battery cover   
    3. Cracked screen
    4. Excessively scratched screen 
    5. Cracked plastic casing
    6. Water damage
    7. Improper functioning 
    8. Obvious misuse

    Deposit Return

    The deposit is returned after the service contract has been completed, the phone has been returned to TAS, and phone damage has been assessed.  If applicable, the deposit will be used to (1) pay your final month phone bill and/or (2) cover the cost of any damage. The remainder is returned to you, via PayPal or another payment method arranged. 

Be assured that is committed to assessing the damage as fairly as possible!

    If you have any specific questions that have not been answered, please do not hesitate to contact us at



    Special Shipping Instructions

    Split Shipping

    For those who order both a phone or SIM solution and a package or other items, selecting split shipping will instruct us to separate your order into two shipments, which can be sent out at the same time or separately. 

    • The first shipment will include your phone or SIM card, as well as any power adapters ordered
    • The second shipment will include all remaining items

    To use the split shipment option:

    1. Add it to your phone or SIM card
    2. At checkout: 
      1. Enter your delivery date and address for the first package in Shipping Options
      2. Give us the delivery date and address for the second package in the "Shipping Notes" box or, if you don't yet have that information, enter "To be updated"

    Shipping to Incheon International Airport

    If you want to collect your Phone/SIM card from Incheon international airport, then that can be arranged. Please be aware, however, that there will be an extra cost of between 4,000W and 16,000W that will be charged by the holding company at the airport at time of collection. Additionally, if you fail to collect the Phone/SIM card at that time, you will be responsible for all ensuing charges.

    For that reason we recommend that you have the Phone/SIM card shipped to your hotel, hostel, or workplace to be collected when you arrive, rather   than the airport. 

    Airport shipping works in this way:

    • You place your order as usual with at least 5 business days between your order and your arrival
    • At checkout, in the shipping information section, write in "Incheon International Airport" in the shipping address
    • Make sure you select the date that your flight arrives at Incheon as your delivery date
    • We'll send you confirmation of your order, as well as detailed information about collecting an item from Incheon airport
    • 1-2 days before you depart we will send you, by email, the final details of your package, including the shipping number, which you must have in order to collect your SIM.

    Customer Reviews

    Average Customer Rating:

    Reviewed by Kimberly
    Everything worked just as I had hoped! Thanks guys.
    Reviewed by Joo B.
    The ordering process is a little bit confusing.
    Reviewed by Alyssa Z
    everyone is so helpful! I have called them many times, and they even helped me translate my needs at a post office! They are great people
    Reviewed by Kelly
    I ordered a simple cell phone. It works very well but it made me feel like I live in 2008!
    Reviewed by Rowdy
    If TAS' customer service has one weakness, it's that they are too nice not to push you into an upgrade. Do not buy a simple phone. You will be laughed at by any Korean that sees you use it. You will think you are okay with the slow, non-T9 texting... then you will hate yourself for thinking that. Korea is a smart phone culture- even the 1st graders in elementary school have these super-advanced pocket computers. You will feel the bulk of your ridiculous flip phone sitting in your pocket, getting heavier with each step as you are lost in some Korean city, wishing you weren't an idiot for not getting something with navigation abilities. If there is one upside, it's maybe that you will read more when you sit on the 3-hour bus ride to Busan rather than play games, watch movies, chat with friends, or read an e-book in your downtime. Get a smartphone through TAS.

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