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February is our busiest month of the year, so don't wait to put in your order!  If you find what you want, get it because tomorrow it might be gone. 
Shipping Alert: Due to the Lunar New Year, no packages will be delivered until February 12. 

Shipping, Returns & Exchanges | Information and Policies

If you wish to process a return, please fill out this form to begin the process and receive instructions.

Shipping Details

All TAS orders are shipped overnight for flat rates according to their size: $0 (digital downloads etc) $3 (envelopes), $4 (medium), $5 (large), $6 (massive) or $9 (two boxes any size).  We work hard to make sure all orders get to the specified locations as quickly as possible.  Addresses in a second language can be a wee bit more confusing, which is why our shipping information page is more extensive than you might be used to at home.


Our delivery process is somewhat different from other online companies, so please note these differences:

  • When checking out, you can choose your desired delivery date (usually the day you arrive in Korea)
  • If that date is more than 3 business days from the date on which the order is placed, we will delay shipping until then in order to make sure your package arrives the day you do, or the day before
  • If the chosen delivery date is within three days of the order date, we will do our best to ship it as soon as possible
  • We can make changes to your order up to 3 business days before your selected delivery date, see details below
  • Orders are typically delivered within 3 business days of when they are placed
  • We will do our best to accommodate last-minute orders and rush requests on a case-by-case basis, but cannot make any guarantees
  • The cut-off time for a delivery date is officially noon KST, 3 business days prior to the requested date
  • If you have any questions about shipping or addresses please feel free to contact us by phone +1-720-432-9357 (USA), +82-031-625-2258 (Korea), or email us at:

Making changes to your order:

If you wish to add items to your order, please proceed through checkout with a second order, leaving a note in the "shipping notes" section asking us to combine the two orders. 

If you wish to remove items from your order, or both add and remove, get in touch with us at, and we'll help you make the change. 

Understanding Korean Addresses

Addresses in Korea are written in different formats from what we are accustomed to in the west.  The TAS checkout processes requires you to label the city and province:

In a Korean address the PROVINCE is followed by "DO".  For Example: "Gyeonggi-do"

CITY is followed by "SI. For example: Seongnam-Si

Please enter the province and the city and then place the entire address on one/two of the address lines to avoid any confusion.  If you do not have your zip code, simply put some dummy text in the zip code field and we will take care of it for you. 

That said, if you do not have, and are unable to get, the full address of your destination school or hotel, you can enter just its name and city. We should be able to find the address and make sure it gets to you, though this may lead to a delay if we have to contact you for more specific information. 

Returns, Refunds, Exchanges: “So what exactly do I need to know?”

Have a tough time getting through the text-heavy Terms & Conditions? We don’t blame ya! When it comes to our return policy, here’s what you need to know:

We are committed to being as fair and understanding as possible, especially when it comes to making YOU feel right at home!   So shoot us an email if you have thoughts, questions, or concerns,, and together we’ll get you launched into your new life in Korea!

Our Return Policy

*Note: Our goal is to be as fair and understanding as possible with returns and exchanges. Ultimately, TAS reserves the right to determine whether an item is considered un/opened or un/used.

*The Arrival Store does not accept returns of individual items that were included in a "set" (Bath Towel Set, Cleaning Kit Set, Dish Set, etc). 

The return delivery cost and necessary expenses for refund or exchange shall be borne by the liable party. Products, merchandise and articles eligible for returns, refunds or exchanges must meet the following criteria:

  1. Returned item(s) must be returned with all parts and accessories, when applicable;
  2. Returned item(s) must be sent in original packaging or equivalent thereof;
  3. No returns, refunds and exchanges will be made if item(s) are returned after 90 days from time of delivery
  4. Returns, refunds and exchanges will only be made once all of the items have been delivered back to TAS. Please ship returns to:

The Arrival Store

서울시 용산구 이태원로 217 안성타워 3층 306호
(Seoul, Yongsan-gu, Itaewon-ro 217 Ahnsung Tower 3F, 306ho)

Phone number: 82-031-793-2257

TAS offers no return, refund or exchange before full receipt of customer’s returned products, merchandise or articles. TAS strongly recommends shipping all returns in the original packaging; any products or merchandise found damaged upon arrival to TAS may delay or void a possible exchange or refund for the customer. TAS assumes no liability for items damaged or lost in transit.

If an item is returned, and the reason for return is not a result of TAS error, the customer will be responsible for all shipping costs. If TAS receives the item and the shipping payment has been deferred to TAS upon receipt of the package, the cost will be subtracted from customer’s refund amount.

Damaged Packages and Partial Refunds for Packages

  • Returns for manufacturer defects will be accepted. The customer must notify TAS of damaged packages immediately upon receipt. It is the customer’s responsibility to make any claims to TAS as soon as possible; all claims for hidden damages to merchandise must be reported to TAS within 2 days of delivery to customer. TAS is committed to resolving any issues with defective/damaged items in a fair manner. All original packaging and materials including, but not limited to, boxes, manuals, warranty cards, instructional resources, and any other materials in the original shipment must be returned with item.
  • Many TAS customers use the promotions offered with the Arrival Pro, Public School Pro, Sidekick for Couples, and other packages available at our store.  If a customer has utilized one of these promotions, i.e. free phone or discount, but returns more than $40.00 worth of the package items, TAS will create a detailed list of the original items in the package and the promotional value will be taken away. For example, if a customer received a free used phone (purchase price = $39.99) as part of an Arrival Pro Package, and they return over $40.00 of merchandise from said package, TAS will (1) according to each item returned, refund the customer as is applicable to the refund chart above (2) provide the customer with an itemized breakdown of original package and (3) ask the customer to pay the original purchase price for their TAS phone.

Airport and Split Shipping

Split Shipping

For those who order both a phone or SIM solution and a package or other items, selecting split shipping will instruct us to separate your order into two shipments, which can be sent out at the same time or separately. 

  • The first shipment will include your phone or SIM card, as well as any power adapters ordered
  • The second shipment will include all remaining items

To use the split shipment option:

  1. Add it to your phone or SIM card
  2. At checkout: 
    1. Enter your delivery date and address for the first package in Shipping Options
    2. Give us the delivery date and address for the second package in the "Shipping Notes" box or, if you don't yet have that information, enter "To be updated"

Airport Shipping

If you wish to collect your phone or SIM solution at Incheon International Airport, select the Airport Shipping option. 

  • Airport shipping is only available at Incheon International Airport
  • Only phones, SIM cards, and power adapters will be sent to the airport
  • We utilize Hanjin Express's holding service to provide this functionality
  • An additional fee (4,000W - 16,000W) will be due to Hanjin Express at the time of collection

Due to the extra level of logistics involved, we recommend not using the airport service, if you have the option, and instead having your packages delivered to your school, hotel, or place of business.