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How the Arrival Store Works

Rental Cell Phones & Plans | South Korea

It's miserable coming home to a huge phone bill tattered with international fees after a trip! Our South Korea Rental Phone Plan will have you connected as soon as you land without wasting your time or breaking the bank. No hidden fees. No Surprises. Just what you want. 


Unlike other providers, our goal is to help you keep your bill as low as possible. That’s why we offer benefits like a free discount international calling code and our calling and texting rates are roughly 1/3 of major competitors. If you’re looking for a simple rental phone, the Arrival Store will have you covered. 

Need a SIM Card for Korea? We can help you. Click here to learn more.

Your Arrival Store phone will be set up and delivered to a convenient location within a few days of purchase, or are waiting for you upon your arrival.


Cell Phone Plan Benefits
  •  Waiting and ready to use at a convenient location when you arrive
  • No contract
  • Approx. half the price of other providers
  • English language billing sent to your email
  • English language customer service
  • Phone can easily upgraded into any other Arrival Store phone plan
  •   Cell Phone Plan Usage Rates
  • Free + unlimited incoming calls & texts (domestic and international)
  • Outgoing domestic calls: approx $0.20/min (₩36/10 seconds)
  • Outgoing domestic texts: Approx. $0.04/text (₩40)
  • Outgoing international: long distance calling code provided
  •   Cell Phone Plan Costs
  • One-time set-up and activation charge: $19.99
  • Refundable Deposit: $125.00 (learn more)
  • Approx. $2.00 per day* (₩2,000)
  • Usage listed above

  • *This basic $2.00 (₩2,000) will be charged each day the phone is in your possession.

    Click here to visit our South Korea Cell Phones and Plans Info & FAQs Center