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February is our busiest month of the year, so don't wait to put in your order!  If you find what you want, get it because tomorrow it might be gone. 
Shipping Alert: Due to the Lunar New Year, no packages will be delivered until February 12. 


We've got everything you need for your new home in South Korea, from bedding, pillows and sheets to bath towels, mattress pads and cleaning kits.

Making your new home in Korea feel like home may seem like a daunting task. We're here to make it feel like home even before you arrive. Check out our household products below and get started on putting together your new home in Korea. 


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As with all Arrival Store products, these packages can be sent to a convenient location like your school, the airport, office, or new home. The delivery can be timed so that the items are waiting for you before you arrive.