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The Arrival Store is MOVING - Please do not return any items before December 15th, as they will end up at our old address. Our new address will be in Hannam-dong, near Itaewon, but DO NOT send any items until December 15th. Contact with any questions. Additionally, we will be unable to ship anything from the 12th through the 17th of December while we are moving. 

How the Arrival Store Works


From power plug adapters and power transformers to rice cookers and toaster ovens, we've got your electronic needs while in South Korea covered!


Why waste a ton of money on extra baggage fees to take over your electronic items, adapters, transformers and other space-consuming items, when you can order from the Arrival Store at competitive prices and have it shipped to the airport or waiting for you at your new home. 


Click here to learn more about other items and products that are difficult to find, more expensive, or you'll want as soon as you arrive in South Korea.