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Must Have Items

Must Have Items

When adjusting to living abroad, some items are inconvenient and maybe sometimes difficult to find. We work with hundreds of teachers and expats every year to make sure that the "must haves" are easily accessible. These are the "must haves," according to our teachers and friends currently living in South Korea. For example, finding bath-sized towels is difficult, because South Koreans only use hand towels.

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Cell Phones

Immediate access to communication is central to a smooth transition. Unfortunately, getting a phone set up can be a time-consuming and inconvenient experience as a foreigner. Many expats assume they will have internet in their apartment upon arrival, but setting up the internet can take a few weeks as well. The Arrival Store bypasses these hassles completely by having a phone set up at a convenient location when you arrive. The Arrival Store can also set up a two-year contract with a Korean provider bypassing the hassles of negotiating a contract in a foreign language in an intimidating situation. Whether you are staying for a semester, a year, or longer, The Arrival Store can get you set up. Check out our phone plans by checking out the links below.

Price Range (varies according to device and plan):

$9.99 - $174.99

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Water Purifier

Drinking tap water in South Korea is not recommended.  Even though it is said to be potable in some areas, Koreans use sophisticated and expensive water filtration systems that cost hundred or thousands or dollars.  Water filter pitchers are somewhat difficult to find in Korea, which causes the high price on this item.  Although it might not seem like it, we are doing our best to keep this product's price as low as possible. Of course bottled water can be purchased in every grocery store and convenience store, but taking a walk to the corner store early in the morning or late at night becomes a major hassle. Buying bottled bottled water becomes quite expensive and is tough on the environment. Spending a little bit more money up front will end up saving you some cash in the long run, and more importantly, a lot of annoying trips to the convenience store. The Arrival Store also makes ordering new filters a breeze.

Price Range:

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Bedding takes up a lot of space and weight in a suitcase, so it should be one of the first things left at home. Unfortunately, when it is left out, most travelers end up frantically scrambling around as soon as they arrive to get their bed set up so that they can rest after a long flight. Unfortunately, in Korea you'll often end up settling for obnoxiously colored bedding that doesn't match their style preference and has a texture that is reminiscent of a paper sack. Even more frustrating, depending on where you're living, is the high price of these simple items.  Expats can avoid the ridiculous extra baggage fees, the exhuasting shopping trip, and the hideous Korean sheets with the The Arrival Store bedding packages.  Sleep is uniquely precious when transitioning into a new culture and combating jet lag so get to sleep comfortably as soon as you arrive. 

Price Range:

$ Various Prices
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Large Power Transformer 220 down to 120. Power solutions in Korea.

Power Solutions

Very few things are as frustrating as dead batteries and useless electronics, especially if they have been carefully carried from abroad. South Korea functions on 220 volt electricity. The outlets are round, and equipped to accept a plug with two round prongs about 2 cm apart.  Some electronics have power transformers built into them (ie. laptops, some battery chargers). These items only need the plug adaptor to function properly. Other items do not have built in transformers and actually need a device that will convert the power from one voltage to another (ie. 220 to 120). Universal adaptors from stores like Radio Shack are expensive and do not have the capability to power high voltage items such as hair dryers or game consoles. Plugging a device into the wrong voltage will damage the item and is a fire hazard. The Arrival Store provides the power transformers and adapters you need at a competative price.    

Price Range:

$ Various Prices
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The Dreamer Memory Foam Mattress Pad

Mattress Pad

A stark difference between Koreans and Westerners is their preference for sleeping surfaces.  Expats who have experience a Korean mattress before, will agree that they are slightly softer than concrete.   Not to worry, provides a solution with affordable mattress pads that can be laid over the stiff Korean mattress.  Get started off right from day one purchase a mattress pad to avoid the cricks in your neck and a stiff back.   

Price Range:

$34.99 - $199.99
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Bath Towel Set

Like bedding, towels also use a hefty portion of space and weight in suitcases. Nice full-size bath towels are an item that can be an inconvenience to track down in Korea (also depending on where you're living and proximity to store that carry them). Most Koreans use hand-sized microfiber towels to dry themselves off after a shower. If an expat is lucky enough to find full-size towels, they are usually disappointed with the texture, quality, and prices (if you find them for super cheap, that is great!). The fluffy Egyptian bath towel sets on The Arrival Store are sure to meet the need. They are 100% soft cotton, durable, and provide plenty of surface area to wrap up in. (Please note: dryers are uncommon in Korean apartments, so bedding and bath towels may pill up faster than you're used to!)

Price Range:

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Don't settle into a dirty apartment.  Start out fresh with a cleaning kit from

Cleaning Kit

In Korea, the previoius tenant is responsible only for getting all of their items out of an apartment before the next tenant arrives. They are not responsible for sweeping the dust-bunnies, getting the dirty scuff marks off of the floor, or cleaning the hair out of the bathroom (if you get an previously cleaned apartment, enjoy it!). This is an unfortunate reality and inconvenience, especially after all the flying and travelling. Some employers are very good at making sure the apartment is clean before the new employee arrives, but more often, newly arrived expats walk into an apartment that looks like an empty storage unit, or worse. To make sure our customers are able to settle in without a serious case of the heeby jeebies, we provide pre-packaged cleaning kits that will equip you for the first deep clean.         

Price Range:

$ 26.99
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Group of candles.  Comfort items at

Comfort Items

Having some simple comforts of home can make a world of difference when getting settled in a new country. Whether it be a nice cup of coffee in the morning, scented candles to warm up the room, a bowl of oatmeal, or a western-style set of silverware, The Arrival Store will get you off to a good start.  Most foreigners spend a significant amount of time in their apartment and deserve some little comforts to help with the transition.  Treat yourself to a little taste of home. If you are tight on cash heading over to Korea, please ask us about our Order Now Pay Later option (we created this because many expats may not get paid for a few weeks and they need money for things like bedding, food and household items). Do you want some in-depth help? Our Transition Experts were former expats who have lived in Korea and would love to help you.              

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