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Large Power Transformer (1KVA)

The correct power transformer is a MUST HAVE for South Korea.

The 1KVA Large Power Transformer converts 220 volt electricity (South Korea) to 120 volt electricity (North America). Suited for both 2 and 3 prong North American plugs (A & B plug types). It is appropriate for higher power items such computers, televisions, and curling irons. For hairdryers, clothes irons, and electric frying pans you will most likely need the extra large transformer. 

PLEASE NOTE: TAS is not responsible for the electronics you plug into this transformer, only the transformer we provide you. Please watch the video below and review the table in the FULL DESCRIPTION section of this page. DO NOT use this transformer with any electronics that are not listed in the 15VA row on the below table, and especially DO NOT use this transformer with hair dryers, curling irons, and hair straighteners from North America.

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I didn't receive a shipping confirmation for some reason. That would have been helpful. Nate, who I contacted when I didn't know if my package shipped, was really helpful. Thanks Nate!

Large Power Transformer (1KVA)

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Very few things are as frustrating as dead batteries and useless electronics, especially if they have been carefully carried from abroad.


Large 1KVA Power Transformer

The 1KVA transformer converts 220 volt electricity (Korea) to 120 volt electricity (North America).  It accommodates both 2 and 3 prong North American plugs (A & B).  It is appropriate for higher power items such computers, televisions, and curling irons.  It has enough juice to power several items through a power strip as well as long as the items do not exceed the voltage limits of the 1KVA transformer explained below.  To determine if it is the right device for your electronics or if you need the extra large 3KVA transformer, please view the information below.

Electrical Power & Voltage in South Korea

South Korea functions on 220 volt electricity.  The outlets are round, and equipped to accept a plug with two round prongs about 2 cm apart, like these:

Type C Korean Plug and Socket, 220 volt,

Type F Korean Plug and Socket, power conversion, power transformer


Items with built in transformers, or that are designed for 220 volt electricity

Some electronics have power transformers built in to them (ie. most laptops, some battery chargers). Such items only need a plug adapter to function properly if the user is coming from a country with different plug shapes.   An adapter simply allows the user to plug the device into a different socket type.  Please see the adapter chart below to see which TAS adapter is right for you.

Items that do not have a built in transformer, and are designed for different voltage electricity:

Other items do not have built in transformers and actually need to a device that will convert the power from one voltage to another (ie. 220 Korea to 120 North America).  Universal adapters from stores like the Mac Store or Radio Shack are expensive and usually do not have the capability to power items that use any significant amount of power (ie. hair dryers or game consoles).  Plugging a device into the wrong voltage without a power transformer will damage the item and is a major fire hazard. provides the power transformers and adapters you need at a price that will not break the bank.

In order to find the correct model transformer necessary check the following criteria:

-Does the device have a built in power transformer?

For example most laptop computers have a built in transformer. 

A quick guideline to see whether the device has a transformer, is to check and see if there is a box on the cord between the device and the wall.  These boxes are typical transformers and a description of the voltage conversion capabilities should be listed on the bottom of the device.  If the device does have a transformer with the appropriate voltage conversion, it is most likely that only a plug adapter is necessary for the device to function appropriately. 

Note: the plug adapters do not have the ability to protect your item against power surges or irregular power.  A power converter does regulate the power somewhat and provides mild protection against surges. 

If your item is valuable, to be safe, consider bringing a surge protector (power bar/strip) from your home country and plugging the power strip into a 1 KVA or 3KVA transformer.  This is a safe way to protect your expensive items.

-How many watts/volts does the item require?

This information is usually listed on the manufacturer's label on the bottom of the device or in the owner's manual.  To be safe, TAS recommends that the power transformer is at least 50% higher than your device because some items require a transformer that has 2-3 times the watts the device is rated for when turning-on.

How to convert from watts to volts:

Simply divide the watts the items use compared to your home power voltage.

Watts = volts (your home country’s voltage) x amps

With all of this conversion stuff, the bottom line, is just better to be safe vs. sorry

Remember that a higher watts rated transformer will never hurt your device but one that is not powerful enough will not work and will most likely damage your device and the transformer.

What size of transformer do you need?

Power transformer size chart for foreigners living in Korea.  Power conversion

What plug adapter do you need?

Plug adapter conversion chart

Type A Plug Type (North America)

Picture of Type A North American Plug, type A plug

Type B Plug Type (North America)

Type B plug

Type C Plug Type (Korea & Thailand)

Type C Korean Plug and Socket

Type F Plug Type (Korea)

Type F Korean Plug and Socket

Type G Plug Type (United Kingdom, China)

Type G Plug and Socket.  What transformer do you need for Korea?

Type I Plug Type (New Zealand, Australia, China)

Type I Plug and Socket

Type M Plug Type (South Africa)

Type M Plug and Socket

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Reviewed by ruth
I didn't receive a shipping confirmation for some reason. That would have been helpful. Nate, who I contacted when I didn't know if my package shipped, was really helpful. Thanks Nate!

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