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100% Cotton Sheet Set (with Duvet Cover)

Need an extra pillow case?

Believe it or not, but cotton sheets and pillow cases are a tough find in South Korea, especially individually. Most bedding products in South Korea are made of polyester. Our Sheet Set (which comes with a Duvet Cover and a Pillow Case) is made of 100% cotton, which is a rare find in South Korea. On top of that, Airline baggage restrictions and outrageous fees cause most people to leave at home many things they would love to bring along. Because sheets take up so many precious inches and lbs in a suitcase, they are usually the first item to be left behind.

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  • Save $$ on extra baggage fees (average extra baggage fees range from $75 to $250, depending on airline)
  • Save time by not having to search for hard to find household, kitchen, & bedding supplies (items like cotton comforters, cotton fitted sheets and mattress pads are incredibly difficult to find in South Korea)
  • Dive into the awesomeness of South Korean culture, without the hassle (have all of your purchased items sent to where you want before you arrive!)

Like all Arrival Store products and packages, we deliver to your new home, the airport or place of work in South Korea before you arrive so that it's waiting for you and ready to use right away.

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100% Cotton Sheet Set (with Duvet Cover)

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Catch your Zzzzzs as soon as you land

Airline baggage restrictions cause most people to leave at home many things they would love to bring along.  Because sheets take up so much many precious inches and lbs in a suitcase, they are usually the first item to be left behind. 

As a result, most travelers end up scrambling around as soon as they arrive, trying to get their bed set up so that they can rest after a long flight.  Unfortunately, they often end up settling for obnoxiously colored bedding that doesn't match their style preference and have a texture that is reminiscent of a paper sack.  Even more frustrating, is the surprisingly high price of these items. 

Expats can avoid the ridiculous extra baggage fees and get tucked in comfortably right away with bedding packages.  Sleep is uniquely precious when transitioning into a new culture and combating jet lag.  It just isn't wise to skimp on bedding. 100% Cotton Sheet Set is designed for comfort and style.  The 205 thread count sheet set includes:

-one fitted mattress sheet

-one or two pillow cases (1 with single set, 2 with queen set)

-duvet/comforter cover as the top sheet. The duvet cover is equipped with corner ties to keep your comforter in place, and a zipper to close.  

The TAS sheets are available in several stylish colors that will bring a little atmosphere to any apartment.

Crisp White
Sharp Navy
Chocolate Brown
Silver Gray

Available in Queen and Single sizes



-Duvet Cover: 160cm x 220cm (63in x 86in);

-Fitted Sheet: 115cm x 205cm x 35cm  (45in x 80in x 14in);

-1 Pillow Case: 48cm x 70cm; (19in x 27in)


-Duvet Cover:  220cm x 220cm (86in x 86in),

-Fitted Sheet: 155cm x 205 cm x 35cm  (61in x 80in x 14in),

-2 Pillow Cases:  48cm x 70 cm (19in x 27in)

Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating:

Reviewed by Tara H.
I was so happy that I could finally get to my apartment and rest on new sheets and a cover!
Reviewed by Rowdy
These sheets are right on par for comfort when compared to the organic, 100% cotton, free-trade, blah blah blah stuff i used at home. They also have a breathability that most Korean sheets of the same price don't have (cool in spring/summer, they don't display a big, gross silhouette of your dead skin cells that sloughed off during your sleep). The duvet cover dries easily and doesn't get wrinkled if you sit on it. Just note the absence of a flat sheet. I prefer it to keep the duvet clean, but that's a personal preference.

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