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Avalon Teacher's Package

Are you an Avalon English teacher?  If so, The Avalon Teacher's Package was crafted just for you to make your adjustment as smooth as possible. 

  • Cut down on luggage and save $$$ on extra baggage fees (average extra baggage fees range from $75 to $250, depending on airline)
  • Save time and stress by not having to search for hard to find household, bedding and kitchen supplies (items like large-sized towels and cotton bedding can be incredibly difficult to find in South Korea)
  • Dive into the awesomeness of South Korean culture, without the hassle (getting a cell phone on an affordable plan in South Korea can take up to 3 to 6 months, but with us, you can have one waiting for you ready to use as soon as you land)

Click here to check out our flexible, interest-free Order Now, Pay Later option - pay nothing until 60 days after you arrive.

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The following items are included in this package:

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Cleaning Kit   +$0.00

Utensil Set (fork, spoon, tea spoon & butter knife)   +$0.00

White Porcelain Dish Set   +$0.00

Standard Universal Plug Adapter (3 Prong North America, UK, AUS, NZ)   +$0.00

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Price as configured: $259.99

Avalon Teacher's Package

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If you are teaching at an Avalon School, the following package will take care of the things that Avalon doesn't typically provide their teachers.

Avalon Institute is a well known and reputable English language institute in South Korea that employs several hundred English teachers.  Avalon has branch positions and franchise positions.  The following information applies to teachers working in the branch positions and does not include teachers working in the franchise schools.  If you are unsure whether your Avalon school is a franchise or head office school, please check with your employer. 

Avalon and The Arrival Store have had a long standing relationship and we help ensure that all incoming Avalon teachers receive all the items they need to have a smooth transition and get life started off right in South Korea. 

Some recommended products that are included in this package:

  • Bedding Package (sheets, comforter, pillow)
  • 1 Towel Set

This package is available to all Arrival Store customers, not just Avalon teachers.

Product Details

Large 1KVA Power Transformer

The 1KVA transformer converts 220 volt electricity (Korea) to 120 volt electricity (North America).  It accommodates both 2 and 3 prong North American plugs (A & B).  It is appropriate for higher power items such computers, televisions, and curling irons.  It has enough juice to power several items through a power strip as well as long as the items do not exceed the voltage limits of the 1KVA transformer explained below.  To determine if it is the right device for your electronics or if you need the extra large 3KVA transformer, please view the information below.

Electrical Power & Voltage in South Korea

South Korea functions on 220 volt electricity.  The outlets are round, and equipped to accept a plug with two round prongs about 2 cm apart, like these:

Type C Korean Plug and Socket, 220 volt,

Type F Korean Plug and Socket, power conversion, power transformer

Items with built in transformers, or that are designed for 220 volt electricity

Some electronics have power transformers built in to them (ie. most laptops, some battery chargers). Such items only need a plug adapter to function properly if the user is coming from a country with different plug shapes.   An adapter simply allows the user to plug the device into a different socket type.  Please see the adapter chart below to see which TAS adapter is right for you.

Items that do not have a built in transformer, and are designed for different voltage electricity:

Other items do not have built in transformers and actually need to a device that will convert the power from one voltage to another (ie. 220 Korea to 120 North America).  Universal adapters from stores like the Mac Store or Radio Shack are expensive and usually do not have the capability to power items that use any significant amount of power (ie. hair dryers or game consoles).  Plugging a device into the wrong voltage without a power transformer will damage the item and is a major fire hazard. provides the power transformers and adapters you need at a price that will not break the bank.


120 Volt Plug Adapter

The 120 volt plug adapter enables customers to plug 120 volt items (North America) into Korea outlets 220 volts.  Warning: plug adapters do not convert power, and should only be used with items that have a built in power transformer (ie. laptop computers).

Drinking tap water in South Korea is not recommended. 

Even though it is said to be potable in some areas, Koreans use sophisticated and expensive water filtration systems that cost $300- $1000s of dollars. 

Water filter pitchers are somewhat difficult to find in Korea, but are an affordable and sufficient solution for those only planning to spend a year or two in the country.  Of course bottled water can be purchased in every grocery store and convenience store, but taking a walk to the corner store early in the morning or late at night because there is no drinking water is a major hassle.  Buying bottled water everyday becomes quite expensive and is tough on the environment.  Spending a little bit of money up front will end up saving you quite a bit of cash and a whole lot annoying trips to the convenience store. makes ordering new filters a breeze.

The Brita water purifiers:

-Eliminate 98% of lead, benzene, mercury, and copper in the water
-Reduce chlorine, bad tastes and odors
-Prevent bacteria growth in filter
-Reduce sediment and water hardness
-Each filter has a 40 gallon capacity (181 liters).  It is recommended to change the filters every 2 months. will continue to provide replacement filters for your water pitcher.

"Friends don't let friends drink from plastic bottles."


Sometimes it's just nice to use things that are familiar in a foreign place... like a fork. 

Sometimes living in another culture can get to be a little bit tiring.  The simple comforts of familiarity and home can really make a difference.  If you don't love the idea of using chopsticks 100% of the time,this fork, spoon, and knife set might be exactly what you need in your apartment.

Give yourself a bit of time to get your chopstick skills up to par and in the meantime enjoy somethiing a bit more familiar at home.

Tracking down western utensils can be somewhat difficult in a place where they are not ordinary. 


-3-piece stainless steel utensil set.

-Set includes a fork, knife and spoon.

Each utensil set is sold seperately.


Get your kitchen started off in style

It is always difficult to know what will be provided by an employer or be left in an apartment by the previous tenant if anything.  We often hear stories from newly arrived expats about the odd and mismatched items they find in their ktichen cabinets. 

The stories usually include something like: "I had one chopstick, one mug, and a serving bowl that all came from different sets." 

TAS dish sets are simple and white.  Best of all, they match and will be a good foundation for you to start your kitchen off with!


-1 plate (24.2cm diameter,2.8cm tall)

-1 bowl (16.2cm in diameter, 6.6cm tall)

-1 coffee mug (350ml, 8.6cm in diameter, 10.8cm tall)


-Porcelain dish set

TAS Welcome Package

The welcome package is a bundle of helpful information that will help you get settled into Korea. 

It includes items such as, maps, general information about Korea, event calendars, subway map, coupons, area information, brochures about Korea, English Magazines and a Transportation Card. 

Items included in TAS Welcome Packages change according each month and may include various items more/less than those listed above.

Bulk Toiletry Pack

It's common knowledge that Korean toothpaste tastes awful (unless you're a fan of mugwort...), deodorant is near impossible to find, and even shampoo is hard to shop for unless you read Korean. You'll get used to it after a while, but in the meantime you'll still need to brush your teeth (at least, we hope so). 

Don't fill your bag with months' worth of toiletries, just let us take care of it for you. 

In this essential survival kit, you'll get:

  • Two tubes of toothpaste (100g each) - either Colgate or Sensodyne, depending on what's available
  • Shampoo and conditioner - Head and Shoulders
    • Choose the men's package to get one 850ml, all-in-one bottle
    • Choose the women's to get one each of 850ml shampoo and conditioner bottles (this is why the price differs)
  • Body Wash - Dove (800g)
  • Deodorant! - one men's or women's stick of Crystal Body Deodorant (120g)
    • This claims to be one year's supply; we're skeptical, but it'll last a few months at least
  • Toothbrushes - 2 Oral B Classic toothbrushes
  • Loofah - A loofah! For those who like their skin scrubbed clean

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Very helpful, and whenever I had a question, Nate responded very quickly. Thanks so much!

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