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The Smooth Landing (220V countries)

Korea holds some of the most exciting cross-cultural experiences in the world – and we want you to dive right in! The Smooth Landing is an all-inclusive package that covers all the details to ensure that your first few days and weeks in the country are characterized by meeting new people, trying new food, and experiencing the thrill of your new classroom. Don’t waste time trying to find everything you need to get set up – let us worry about the details, and go start making memories!

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Comfort Pillow   +$0.00

Bath Towel Set (White)   +$0.00

Bath Towel Set (White)   +$0.00

Brita Water Purifier   +$0.00

Standard Universal Plug Adapter (3 Prong North America, UK, AUS, NZ)   +$0.00

Apartment Cleaning Kit   +$0.00

Utensil Set (fork, spoon, tea spoon & butter knife)   +$0.00

Cooking Set   +$0.00

Dish / Utensil Set   +$0.00

Price as configured: $367.99

The Smooth Landing (220V countries)

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More Information

The Smooth Landing (220V) is an all-inclusive package that provides a smooth transition to your new life abroad! 

  • Cell Phone (choice of new or used phone or smart phone)
  • 1 comforter (single/queen)
  • 1 fitted sheet set, top sheet is a comforter cover (single/queen)
  • 1 pillow (plus extra, according to your order)
  • 1 Mattress Pad (upgrade to feather bed or memory foam!)
  • 2 towel sets
  • 1 dish set (1 cup, 1 plate, 1 bowl)
  • 1 cookware set (1 pot, 1 fry pan, 1 spatula, 1 ladle, 1 kitchen knife)
  • 1 utensil set (1 fork, 1 spoon, 1 knife)
  • 1 Brita Water Pitcher with filter 
  • 1 Universal Plug Adapter
  • 1 FREE Cleaning Kit
  • "TAS Welcome Package (with a complementary T-money transportation card)
  • Seoul Survivor” guide book (OPTIONAL)
  • Curling Iron, Blow dryer, Straightener (OPTIONAL)
  • Rice Cooker (OPTIONAL)
  • Toaster Oven (OPTIONAL)
  • Coffee Grinder, French Press, Electric Kettle (OPTIONAL)

Note: The Essentials (220V countries) is different from The Essentials (110V countries) because people arriving from 220V do not need a power transformer – Korea also uses 220 voltage, so you only need plug adapters to fit your electronics into the outlets. Korea requires a different shaped plug than the UK, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, USA, and Canada. 

Flexible Return Policy

As with all TAS products, if you arrive and find that you do not some of the items you purchased, you can send them back to us for a refund.  To guarantee a full refund, items should be unused and in their original packaging.  For opened items, a partial refund will be measured. See Article 13 of “Terms and Conditions” for more information on the TAS Returns & Exchanges Policy.

Product Details:  Look under the FAQ/Extra's tab for more product details.


Product Details

TAS Cell Phone

Free Used Simple Phone (see more by viewing the full product description here)

TAS used Simple Phones are in “like new” shape, and we fully back any phone you purchase from us.  If a phone does not function properly or has technical issues (not caused by the user) while it is in the possession of a customer, TAS will fix or replace the cell phone. Used phones have typically only been used for one year.  The used cell phone plan is the same as the TAS Simple Phone plan as described on the used phone page. The used phones come in a variety of different manufacturers, models, styles, and colors, including:

  • Manufacturers: Samsung, Cyon, Sky, Anycall, LG, etc.
  • Colors: white, black, pink (colors may vary)
  • Style: slide or flip

Customers can request certain models during the checkout process by selecting the specific phone type in the drop-down menu above. TAS makes every effort to meet the requests of customers, but of course cannot guarantee that the phone will meet all of the customer's preferences.

New Simple Phone (+$69.99) (see more by viewing the full product description here)

TAS new Simple Phones are brand new phones.  In order to have the phone set up and ready to use when a customer arrives, TAS must open the box and register the phone with the service provider.  During this process, the language on the phone will be switched from Korean to English, for ease of use. TAS also installs the FREE protective screen film and plastic case for the customer.  Please note: even though the box has been opened, the phone is new. 

You can upgrade the particular model of new Simple Phone you would like by selecting it in the drop-down menu above.

Smart Phones (New +$119.99, Used +$79.99) (see more by viewing the full product description here)

We provides a simple, cost-effective cell phone service plan without the hassle, the paperwork, or the wait!  We offer the shortest smart phone contract available in Korea, giving you an additional amount of flexibility.  You do not need to have or wait for your ARC – not only will we have your phone ready for you upon arrival, but you only need to commit to a 9-month contract!

Immediate access to communication is central to a smooth transition.... Unfortunately, getting a phone set up is often a time-consuming and maddening experience as a foreigner in Korea.  Many people assume that they will have access to the internet in their apartment upon their arrival, but it too can take a few weeks to arrange.  TAS cell phones enable customers to skip these hassles completely by having a phone set up and waiting for them when arrive.  The phones, like other TAS products can be waiting at a conveniently arranged location such as the airport, school, office etc.  If you are already in Korea, TAS phones can usually be set up and sent out within a day of when they are ordered.  Everything is far easier with a phone!

Cotton Sheet Set with Duvet Cover 100% Cotton Sheet Set is designed for comfort and style.  The 205 thread count sheet set includes:

  • one fitted mattress sheet (Single/Queen)
  • one or two pillow cases (1 with single set, 2 with queen set)
  • duvet/comforter cover as the top sheet. The comforter cover is equipped with corner ties to keep your comforter in place, and a zipper to close (single/queen)

The TAS sheets are available in several stylish colors that will bring a little atmosphere to any apartment.

Crisp White
Sharp Navy
Chocolate Brown
Silver Gray

Available in Queen and Single sizes


  • Duvet Cover: 160cm x 220cm (63in x 86in);
  • Fitted Sheet: 115cm x 205cm x 35cm  (45in x 80in x 14in);
  • 1 Pillow Case: 48cm x 70cm; (19in x 27in)


  • Duvet Cover:  220cm x 220cm (86in x 86in),
  • Fitted Sheet: 155cm x 205 cm x 35cm  (61in x 80in x 14in),
  • 2 Pillow Cases:  48cm x 70 cm (19in x 27in)

TAS Cotton Comforter

The TAS cotton comforter is filled with microfiber and is suited to keep you warm in the winter, but is light enough to keep you cool during the summer.  Add a little style and extend the life of your comforter with a TAS duck down duvet! TAS provides comforters to fit both queen and single sized beds:

  • Single 160cm x 210cm (63inches x 82inches)
  • Queen 220cm x 220cm (86inches x 86 inches)
  • Color: White
  • Material: 35% cotton, 65% polyester
  • Fill: Polyester

Relaxing Pillow

With baggage limits these days, who actually has space to pack a pillow? It is near impossible to save enough room in a suitcase for a pillow – unless you have a high-powered vacuum packer, the pillows are staying home.  Because Korean pillows are notoriously firm and uncomfortable, it will take you some time to track down a pillow that suits your preferences. Don’t get stuck rolling up a pair of sweatpants as a pillow – your TAS pillow will be waiting for you when you arrive, and will be a needed relief to help you get over jet lag just a little bit quicker. And if you love your pillows, you might as well just grab two! 


TAS pillows are 50cm x 70cm (20inches x  27 inches)

The pillows are filled with polyfill and covered in a simple 100% cotton liner. They comply with western-style pillow standards.

Full-sized towels make a world of difference!

Packing towels from home occupies valuable space and weight in suitcases.  Unfortunately, full-size bath towels are uniquely difficult to track down in Korea. Most Koreans use hand-sized microfiber towels after a shower.  If an expat is lucky enough to find full size towels, they are usually disappointed with the texture, quality, and prices. Dont worry - after working hard to find towels that met our standards, we decided to import high-grade bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths in great colors to keep our customers happy.  The towels are 100% soft cotton, durable, and provide plenty of fabric to cozy-up in after a warm shower! 

Full-sized bath towels are available in five colors that will light up any bathroom:

  • Ivory White
  • Navy
  • Red
  • Gray Blue
  • Black

Bath Towel Dimensions: 27 in x 60 in (70 cm x 140 cm)

Hand Towel Dimensions: 16 in x 24 in (40 cm x 60 cm)

Wash Cloth Dimensions: 12 in x 12 in (30 cm x 30 cm)




Large 1KVA Power Transformer

The 1KVA transformer converts 220 volt electricity (Korea) to 120 volt electricity (North America).  It accommodates both 2 and 3 prong North American plugs.  It is appropriate for higher power items such computers, televisions, and curling irons.  It has enough juice to power several items through a power strip as well as long as the items do not exceed the voltage limits of the 1KVA transformer explained below.  To determine if it is the right device for your electronics or if you need the extra large 3KVA transformer, please view the information here.

The Extra-Safe Universal Plug Adapter is for use with electrical items from North America, United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, and New Zealand

The Extra-Safe Universal Plug Adapter enables items with different plug shapes to work with Korean outlets.  The adapter has a safety shutter and lights that indicate which voltage is being conducted by the outlet (220 or 120).  The indicator lights help users be sure that they are plugging items into outlets that are conducting the appropriate voltage and helps users avoid fire hazards and damaged items. 

Warning: plug adapters do not convert power, and should only be used with items that have 220 volt power capability or a built in power transformer. For more information, please view the information here.

Cleaning Kit: A good thing to be mentally prepared for: chances are high that your new apartment will be messy when you arrive. Kimchi mold in the fridge... Bugs in the kitchen... Hair in the shower... Dirt caked into the floor... And these are just a few of the stories we've heard over the years.

To make sure our customers are able to settle in without a serious case of the heeby jeebies, we provide pre-packaged cleaning kits that will equip you for your first deep clean.

Your Cleaning Kit includes:     

1 toilet paper roll (non-scent single ply roll)

1 paper towel roll (non-scent, 130 sheets)

1 dish soap package (anti-bacterial dish soap, 292 ml)

1 dish scrubber (Scotch Brite soap dispensing dish wand)

1 scrub brush (cleaning brush with handle and 12 cm long bristle)

1 spray-bottle multi-purpose cleaning solution (800ml, all purpose cleaner, fresh mint scent)

1 bar of soap (100g bar for bathroom or kitchen use)

1 dish towel set (includes 3 household shammy cloths, 15in x 15in (40cmx40cm))

1 magic sponge (a sponge for scrubbing surfaces)

1 dust pan set (hand broom and dust pan) 

 TAS Welcome Package

The welcome package is a bundle of helpful information that will help you get settled into Korea. 

It includes items like city maps, general information about Korea, event calendars, subway map, coupons, area information, brochures about Korea, English Magazines and a complementary T-money transportation card. 

Items included in TAS Welcome Packages change each month and may include various items more/less than those listed above.

"Friends don't let friends drink from plastic bottles."

Drinking tap water in South Korea is not recommended. 

Even though it is said to be potable in some areas, Koreans use sophisticated and expensive water filtration systems that cost $300- $1000s of dollars. 

Water filter pitchers are somewhat difficult to find in Korea, but are an affordable and sufficient solution for those only planning to spend a year or two in the country.  Of course bottled water can be purchased in every grocery store and convenience store, but taking a walk to the corner store early in the morning or late at night because there is no drinking water is a major hassle (not to mention the amount of waste you’ll accumulate!).  Buying bottled water everyday becomes quite expensive and is tough on the environment.  Spending a little bit of money up front will end up saving you quite a bit of cash and a whole lot annoying trips to the store.

Brita Water Purifiers (Optional):

  • Eliminate 98% of lead, benzene, mercury, and copper in the water
  • Reduce chlorine, bad tastes, and odors
  • Prevent bacteria growth in filter
  • Reduce sediment and water hardness
  • Each filter has a 40 gallon capacity (181 liters).  It is recommended to change the filters every 2 months.
  • Keep using TAS when you need replacement filters for your water pitcher!

Mattress Pad 

The thing in my room that looks like a mattress, feels nothing like a mattress! 

Korean mattresses are slightly softer than concrete.  Not to worry – TAS provides several options for affordable mattress pads.  The pads can be laid over the stiff Korean mattress and held in place with the TAS fitted sheet.  The mattress pads can also be used directly on the floor for house guests. 

Yo” Korean mattress pad

The Snoozer” Feather Top

The Dreamer” Memory Foam

Shipping note: Due to the size of the mattress pads, they must be shipped alone.  An additional $4.00 shipping charge will apply to the total order.

Rice Cooker

Cook like the locals! With a reputation as one of Korea's best, this Teflon-coated rice cooker will have you eating like a local in no time. Why settle for anything less than the best? We'll even knock down the price for you, because everyone knows that good rice is vital in Asia!

Toaster Oven

This easy-to-use Kukin Toaster Oven is a hit! If you like baking, or simply enjoy a slice of toast in the morning, this is a small accessory that will change your day-to-day significantly. 

Coffee Press, Grinder, and Kettle


If you’re a coffee lover, you probably agree that nothing beats the flavor of fresh French pressed coffee. Nothing does it better than the Bodum Coffee French Press.
If you want the freshest ground coffee around, the only way is to do it yourself. The Sunfresh grinder is sure to get the job done and help you get your day started off right.
Korean apartments call for simplicity and usually do not have a microwave.   Boiling water on the stove can be inconvenient and time consuming.  This Kitchen Art cordless kettle will help you keep things clean, efficient and safe - and, it boils water in under 3 minutes!

Cookware Set

"I can get pots and pans in Korea, right?" Of course!  But why not let us worry about the details, so you can start cooking your favorite meals right when you arrive. You won't have to worry about finding a store, with the right cooking products - this set has everything you need to get a home-cooked meal right away!

Utensil Set


Sometimes living in another culture can get to be a little bit tiring.  The simple comforts of familiarity and home can really make a difference.  If you don't love the idea of using chopsticks 100% of the time, this fork, spoon, and knife set might be exactly what you need in your apartment.



Dish Set 

We often hear stories from newly arrived TAS customers about the odd and mismatched items they find in their kitchen cabinents. The stories usually sound something like: "I had one chopstick, one mug, and a serving bowl - and they all came from different sets." Our dish sets are simple, sturdy, and white.  Our TAS friends and enthusiasts love having a matching dish set - after all, it's a perfect way for you to start making your kitchen feel like home!

Includes: 1 plate (24.2cm diameter, 2.8cm tall), 1 bowl (16.2cm diameter, 6.6cm tall), 1 coffee mug (280ml, 8.2cm in diameter, 9.7cm tall)

Curling Iron: If you use a curling iron to help you look your best, ACI 1-9 digital Ceramic Curling Iron will get you started off on the right foot. No plug adapters or converters will be necessary for this curling iron because it's all set for the 220 voltage. The 25mm, negatively charged ion, curling iron will help you make curls in minutes!

Straightener: Worried about how you're going to straighten your hair in Korea? Intimidated by the different voltages and plug adapters? Look no further the Bella V2 will have you covered and won't break the bank. Start off your new life with the hair you're used to by having this hair straightener waiting for you when you arrive or shipped to you in a day or two!

Blow Dryer: Skip the mess of trying to get your blow dryer from home to work in Korea, and have one waiting for you when you arrive! The PH-2050 will do the job and then some. This full sized and affordable blow dryer has 3 temperature settings and 1300 watts, not to mention negative ions. No need for a plug adapter or power converter with this Hair Dryer, you can plug this right in to the wall in Korea!

Toaster Oven

Chances are slim to none that you'll have access to an oven in your apartment. Toaster oven's are a must-have for all baking ventures, plus they are compact, easy to use, and cheap! Ask anyone who has lived in Korea -- you'll never regret having one!

Seoul Survivor Guide Book to Living and Working in South Korea (Optional)

Written by Ryan Weaver Illustrations by Hong Seok-jin

Learning about a host country’s culture, etiquette, and social/business practices can play an important role in speeding up the acclimation process. Unfortunately, while learning about a new environment may be adequate for some, individuals traveling abroad to work, study and live often neglect a very important part of the expatriate puzzle - THEMSELVES. If you really want to be happy and successful in your new home you must also fine tune and develop new skills for dealing with uncharted obstacles and personal issues that may be waiting for you around the corner.

Kitchen Sets:

This Apprentice Kitchen Set includes:

  • Kitchen Flower Kitchen Knife   +$4.99
  • Plastic Mixing Bowl 23cm   +$5.99
  • Frying Pan 24cm  +$9.99
  • Cooking Pot 17cm  +$9.99
  • Cook It Ladle  +$5.99
  • Cook It Flipper  +$5.99

This  Journeyman Kitchen Set includes:

  • Kitchen Aid Frying Pan set (20cm Egg Pan, 28cm Frying Pan, 28cm Wok, Lid Handle)  +$41.99
  • Bamboo Cooking Set   +$5.99
  • Silicone Spatula   +$4.99
  • Egg Beater   +$7.99
  • Stainless Steel Whisk   +$5.99
  • Paper Towel Holder   +$4.99
  • Kitchen Knife   +$4.99
  • Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl   +$4.99

This  Master Kitchen Set includes:

  • Happy Call Frying Pan set (Fourcell 28cm Frying Pan, 28cm  Wok, Lid) +$74.99
  • Bamboo Cooking Set   +$5.99
  • Silicone Spatula   +$4.99
  • Egg Beater   +$7.99
  • Stainless Steel Whisk   +$5.99
  • Paper Towel Holder   +$4.99
  • Kitchen Knife   +$4.99
  • Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl  +$4.99

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