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How the Arrival Store Works

Cell Phones & Plans for Expats

Whether you are staying in South Korea short or long term we have a great cell phone and plan options for you. We offer everything from the least expensive Rental Phones in the country, 6 Month Smart Phone Leases, ready-to-use SIM Cards or 2 Year Contracts directly with the major Korean providers all at discounted rates.

Everything is processed online and in English so you don't have to worry about getting lost in translation! 
Did we mention that you can have a phone waiting for you and ready to use the moment you arrive?

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Build your own arrival package

Need a cell phone, the right power adapters or transformers? Want to have Western-style bath towels, cotton sheets, pillows, mattress pads, cookware and other household items that are inconvenient to find in South Korea? Build your own package and save on extra baggage fees by having your items shipped to a convenient address in South Korea or have it waiting for you at the Incheon Airport for ONLY $10!

Did we mention we have a generous Return Policy and that our prices are competitive with local Korean stores?

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Meet our friends and partners

We partner and work with many of the finest and most trusted relocation and recruiter agencies in South Korea and have helped thousands of English teachers get settled into their new homes.

Everyone who works at the Arrival Store are former expats who have made South Korea home at one point or another. We're passionate about helping English teachers and expats get what they need to live in Korea so that they can focus on living the adventure, not dealing with the hassle.

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We are an online shop for all your needs before you move to South Korea. From
power adapters and cell phones to bedding and cookware, we've got you covered.


  • Brooke McPherson

    Seoul, South Korea
    Arrival Date - 10.31.11

  • Scott Husted

    Seoul, South Korea
    Arrival Date - 5.1.04

  • Kelsey Phillips

    Seoul, South Korea
    Arrival Date - 3.14.11

  • Robyn Wagenaar

    Seoul, South Korea
    Arrival Date - 9.26.10

  • Kate Symank

    Seoul, South Korea
    Arrival Date - 9.16.11

  • Whitney Agassiz

    Seoul, South Korea
    Arrival Date - 9.24.11

  • Will Clements

    Seoul, South Korea
    Arrival Date - 10.1.10

  • Ginny Hay-Roe

    Seoul, South Korea
    Arrival Date - 1.30.11

MEMBER - Brooke McPherson

The best part of The Arrival Store is its Order Now Pay Later Feature.  This is a great idea and a very practical service considering a majority of teachers heading to Korea are young, unestablished, college grads.

MEMBER - Scott Husted

Keep striving for excellence - it seems to be in your DNA to do this; it's refereshing and powerful!

MEMBER - Kelsey Phillips

Korea, in all its beauty, is a foreign place that breathes culture and newness in every aspect. For the most part, this is great, but when it comes to the details (like bedsheets, cell phones, coffee presses, etc.) there are some familiar things that need to be present to make it feel more like home. The Arrival Store is the best mediator for your needs. They really work to provide the most necessary products in an easy and timely manner from your first day here to your last! If you don't dip into their services, I can guarantee you will be left wishing you did!

MEMBER - Robyn Wagenaar

So many people here have already wondered how we got cell phones so quickly, and I explained it was all through you guys!  The ease of the process and the easy communication with everyone was amazing!  Everone has been so helpful, gracious, and understanding.  

MEMBER - Kate Symank

The Arrival Store's services were great for unforeseen purchases I had to make and wanted to have immediately.  My purchases came in the mail two days later. 

MEMBER - Whitney Agassiz

The Arrival Store is a friend to all current and prospective teachers living in South Korea.  They offer the essentials for surviving your first few months abroad and give you easy, convenient access to the comforts of home through the duration of your stay.  Painless ordering and quick delivery are awesome. The Arrival Store does all the hard work for you, saving you the time and frustration of trying to find these products elsewhere. I've been completely satisfied with all of the products that I have purchased and I'm always excited about the new products they are constantly bringing in. Their services defintiely help teachers living abroad navigate their transition and their life in a new culture. 

MEMBER - Will Clements

My best experience was the sheer convenience of how smoothly everything went.  Being able to order everything online and have it there by the time I arrived was great.  The Arrival Store offers a great service and does it well!

MEMBER - Ginny Hay-Roe

Speedy service - my items were delivered promptly and I was able to start using them right away.  It was especially great having my phone all ready to go when I was picked up at the airport, and even though I ordered my other items at the last minute (the night before leaving home), I still got them within a day after arriving in South Korea. 

Having things waiting for you when you arrive in South Korea rather than having to go out and shop for them gets rid of a lot of unnecessary stress and can make your new home feel much more welcoming and comfortable.